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Fall Protection

Fall Protection Authorized Person

Fall Protection Competent Person

Roof Top Access Programs

Authorized Rescuer / On-site Rescuer

Written Rescue Plans

Consulting and design of fall protection programs

Consulting and design of rescue systems and rescue plans

PPE Inspection and management programs

Rope Access

SPRAT Rope Access 

SPRAT Evaluator available

Roof Top Access Programs

ActSafe Man-rated powered winches training and distributing. 

Consultant for bridge inspections. 

Worker Safety

OSHA 10 Hour Construction 

First Aid / CPR / AED

Competent Person 

Competent Person Trainer

Authorized Person

Confined Space Awareness

Bucket Truck Evacuation

Fire Department



Emergency Services/Management Professional focused in operations, public information, training, outreach and EM/Disasters and a municipal Fire Department.


Instructor for all state level Emergency Management courses (G-level), 

NIMS All-Hazards Incident Management Team (IMT) Operations/Plans/Logistics Section Chief Instructor, Liaison Officer Instructor, and Public Information Officer/Public Affairs.

National Disaster Preparedness Training Center

Provide subject matter expertise and Instructor for the Social Media for Disaster Response and Recovery training Course.

Certified Operations Section Chief/Instructor 

Certified Plans Section Chief/Instructor

Certified Logistics Section Chief/Instructor

Certified Liaison Officer/Instructor

NIMS/ICS Instructor

Social Media Pro/Instructor

Seasoned/Innovative Leader

Training/Exercise Expert


Tower Climber

Dept of Labor Telecommunication Tower Technician Apprenticeship

Telecommunications Tower Technician Level I – Authorized Climber

Telecommunications Tower Technician Level II – Competent Climber

Authorized Tower Rescuer / On-site Rescuer

Competent Tower Rescuer

Certified Trainer

Wind Energy


ISC D2 bailout systems 

Sterling Rope PDQ bailout systems 

DEUS Rescue Authorized Training / R&D consultant (US/Germany) 

GE Wind and Mitsubishi consultant 

Tractel Derope Controlled Descent

Confined Space Awareness

Authorized Rescue

Authorized training programs with certifications recognized by these manufacturers:


Checkmate CRD

Gotcha Rescue Kits




Petzl Technical Partner

Solutions for those who work or play in the vertical world.


Inspection of PPE for Work at Height Equipment

I'D and RIG Workshop

Mobile Fall Arrestor / ASAP and ASAP LOCK

EXO Personal Escape System for Firefighters

Belyaing a Climber

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