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Petzl Technical Partner

The Petzl Technical Partner (PTP) Program’s mission is to develop a diverse network of training company partners and recognized leaders who can help Petzl promote our products and solutions to a wide variety of industries and end-users. Whereas Petzl is an expert in our products and services, Petzl believes that front line, subject-matter experts are the best bridge to the industries we ultimately serve.

Vertical Axcess is honored to have been a PTP since 2015 when the program first started in North America.

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Inspection of PPE for Work at Height - Competent Person 

Information on the legal and regulatory aspects of periodic inspection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for protection against falls from height.

This course will inform the candidate of the duties and responsibilities of companies using PPE for protection against falls from height.

It will help them gain knowledge of the responsibilities of directors, health & safety managers, persons responsible for management, inspection or training in the use of PPE for protection against falls from height.

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RIG and I’D Descenders 

Introduction to the benefits and operation of the Petzl I’D and RIG industrial rope ascender/descenders.

Discover the multi-function I’D and RIG industrial rope ascender/descenders and their proper methods of use. Explore the benefits of the I’D/RIG through hands-on experience and drop-test simulations.

Compare the I’D and RIG to others systems when used in rescue and descent control applications.


Mobile Fall Arrester (ASAP and ASAP LOCK) 

Review the roles and applications of mobile fall arresters. Introduce, demonstrate and experiment with the advantages and limitations of various systems. Discuss myths and realities and answer recurring questions.


EXO Personal Escape System For Firefighters 

This program is designed to educate and train people on the design, construction, proper deployment & use, inspection, care and maintenance of the Petzl EXO Personal Escape System.

During this program, participants will attend classroom presentations and participate in hands-on practice sessions. A written multiple choice test as well as a teaching skill demonstration will complete the training in order to verify the participant’s level of comprehension and to correct any misunderstandings.

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