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Adventure Park Services

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Vertical Axcess is partnered with Aire Libre. They are based in San Diego, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and have 30 years of experience serving the Adventure Courses industry. Their experiences have taken them to the USA, Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Belize. Their services include professional inspections, manufacture of adventure courses, trainings and certifications, creation of manuals, and consultancies. Are Libre’s mission is to educate and provide high service to their clients, to help them achieve their goals and dreams regarding the operation and management of adventure courses.

Adventure Course Manufacturing

Since 1996 we have been manufacturing, designing and manufacturing Adventure Courses. Serving  the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean, we can help you design and build a unique Adventure Project, for the enjoyment of all your visitors.

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Professional Inspections

The purpose of the Canopy/Zip Line Tour inspections is to insure and guarantee the integrity and security of the participants. The Industry Standards recommend that only a Qualified Inspector can determine how many inspections per year are necessary for an Adventure Course. For 30 years, ACCT has published Inspection, Construction and Operation standards,  and today is the world leader in this industry. We are experts inspecting Adventure Courses. Our inspectors are certified by ACCT. We serve US, Latin America and the Caribbean.



The Puerto Rican Outdoor Leadership School (EPLAL) offers a series of certified courses based on the ACCT standards to train the professionals who work in the Adventure Courses. The courses we offer are the following:


1. Adventure Guide Certification

2. Adventure Course Operator (managers)

3. Wilderness First Aid

4. Documents & Manuals

5. Local Operation Procedures (LOP)

Staff Training Workbook for Zip Line and Canopy Tour Operation

First commercial manual focused on the certification of the Canopy/Zip Line Tour Guides. The Curriculum is based on the competencies proposed by the ACCT standards (ANSI/ACCT 2016-03). This manual focuses on how to train and certify the Zip Line Tour Guides.


Useful for the Adventure Guide, instructors and training programs of Adventure Courses. All the skills needed by a Canopy/Zip Line Tour Guide included in the manual.



Dr. Luis D. Acevedo

Dr. José H. González

Documents & Manuals

Adventure Courses need their documents and manuals to operate. Some of them are requirements of the company itself, others are requirements of law but, no matter where the requirement comes from, that translates into documents that must be completed correctly and stored in the designated place. Any document can be used in case of a legal claim that occurs in the Adventure Course. In fact, the ACCT standards require a number of documents and manuals as part of the operation of the Course. Aire Libre International are experts in the creation and documentation of the operation of Adventure Courses.

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