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Vertical Axcess

Welcome to Vertical Axcess - 


Vertical Axcess is a group of trainers, consultants and institutions that have come together to offer a single source for your professional growth and knowledge base. 


Each of our trainers has established themselves in their industry and has made teaching and training their passion. Each is resolved to offer the highest level of training to keep workers safe and performing to the best of their abilities. Working together has allowed our client’s access to our individuals that can assist in developing programs that are second to none.


Vertical Axcess identifies opportunities for collaboration and encourage the sharing and standardization of training that is based upon accepted best practices, standards, and guidelines. Vertical Axcess is also responsible for reviewing training projects and making recommendations to each collaborator.


Air Rescue

Fusion Climb

Impact Access


Air Libre

Authorized Training

Checkmate CRD

Fusion Climb

Petzl Technical Partner

Tractel Group

Sterling Rope Co.

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